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Window Cleaning: lessons in social media

September 25, 2008/13.14

[Cross-posted] Not directly about fashion, but possibly still of interest to those in to blogging and social media, particularly their relevance to modern business. My friend Tim Kitchin (left) has an excellent video series, Window Cleaning, on his company’s website. Tim leads the ?rst video on social communication (a very ?tting introduction), while Johnnie Moore […]

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Laural’s online—and on TV tonight

September 21, 2008/6.31

Laural Barrett, whom I interviewed last year, will appear on Shock Treatment tonight on TV2, at 7.30 p.m., in New Zealand.    I recall when Laural returned from the ?lming of this reality show and we had a lengthy conversation about it a year ago. It’s a ?sh-out-of-water tale: Laural, while Miss New Zealand 2007, […]

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Global fashion week glimpses

September 18, 2008/10.02

We’ve been thinking about putting up some of the images we’ve already got from New York, London and Auckland fashion weeks. It’s ironic: back in the 1990s and even early 2000s, we would have been boycotted from fashion weeks around the world for posting images too early. Now, it seems to be normal behaviour. So, […]

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Lucire heading on to your mobiles with special edition

August 27, 2008/13.44

We alluded to Lucire being on cellphones, Blackberrys, Ipods and similar devices last week when this blog disappeared brie?y due to a technical glitch.    Lucire has been on portable mobile devices for some time, if you count the many cellphones out there that are capable of sur?ng the web. These take the existing website’s […]

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We now return to your regularly scheduled programme (sort of)

August 24, 2008/9.25

We apologize to readers for the loss of service on this blog for a few days. Lucire is planning a mobile edition and we had a glitch (caused by human error) in one of the lines of code. Please stay tuned as we do have news items to post up here from earlier days—there’s still […]

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Beijing citizens celebrate Olympics’ opening ceremony

August 9, 2008/13.06

As the world erupted into applause, China’s fantastic Olympic showcase being screened round the world, approximately 100,000 packed the streets at Wangfuxing to watch the unforgettable opening ceremony—a similar sight to when the Olympic decision was of?cially made in Beijing’s favour in 2001.    China joined the World Trade Organization the same year, and has since […]

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Mr Blackwell regains consciousness

August 8, 2008/5.53

Richard Blackwell, better known as Mr Blackwell and the compiler of annual best- and worst-dressed lists, has regained consciousness in hospital after lapsing into a coma on Tuesday.    Blackwell, 85, is recovering in hospital and reportedly cognizant of his surroundings. He was also able to identify his long-time partner Robert Spencer. Blackwell is being […]

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Keira Knightley admits to inadequacy through not attending university

August 2, 2008/8.11

Above: Keira Knightley in her Academy Award-nominated role in Atonement. Although she’s received more press in fashion magazines this year than any other, and a recent Forbes list puts her as Hollywood’s second-highest-paid actress, Keira Knightley admits to Tatler, in the next issue on sale Thursday, that she feels inadequate next to better educated actors […]

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I didn’t spend years at the University of Denver to be called Ms

July 28, 2008/9.48

While the New Zealand media did not say much about the visit of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the time—too much time spent on the Barack Obama world tour, perhaps—the fashion industry can at least be happy with TV One’s prime-time report that she indulged in shopping for Kiwi clothing while here, with […]

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New Zealand builds up to the Olympics


Who really is this human Kiwi that can climb the world’s highest rock, run the world’s fastest mile, win the Victoria Cross twice, create the second top-grossing Academy Award-winning ?lm, and split the atom in an act that would forever transform our world? New Zealanders are a people that have proven themselves as warriors in […]

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