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Lucire heading on to your mobiles with special edition


August 27, 2008/13.44

We alluded to Lucire being on cellphones, Blackberrys, Ipods and similar devices last week when this blog disappeared brie?y due to a technical glitch.
   Lucire has been on portable mobile devices for some time, if you count the many cellphones out there that are capable of sur?ng the web. These take the existing website’s code and modify it to ?t the smaller screens. But shortly, there will be a difference. In fact, anyone who has surfed in to these ‘Insider’ pages ?rst on a portable device will have noticed some changes already.
   I’m still waiting for the green light from one of our technological partners before telling you who it is, but I can say Lucire is now providing a class-leading, mobile service. 
   Rather than have your phones and portable devices converting our data, we convert the data for you.
   That means a streamlined download, along with properly targeted and designed advertisements, not the big ones that you might be forced to see on some services. You’ll get faster pages.
   All mobile users need to do is surf in to the blog URL ( rather than the main one to get our new version. You’ll see these posts, with the videos omitted (for now), plus access to text-only versions of some of our web articles.
   There’ll still be images from this blog, shrunk down to ?t mobile devices.
   But since a lot of you prefer sur?ng the regular website using your mobile devices, you will still have that option and not experience any changes for the most part.
   For the regular pages, keep browsing to the usual website ( and they’ll work as they always did.
   Therefore, you can get quick news on the go on a mobile device now through Lucire, which will help you stay even more ahead of the Joneses. You can get research from the main part of the site to impress your friends. It’s up to you how you access this site.
   I was asked yesterday by a client, ‘But who will read it?’
   The answer is I do not know. But I do know that in 1997, when I was asked the same question about web magazines, few could de?nitively say who would read those.
   In 2001, when we ?rst launched a portable-device service with Plucker, very few read that. However, times have changed, as has the technology.
   I do know that the thirst for information is greater today than it has been at any time of human history, and Lucire can now do on cellphones what we do online and in print: keeping readers one step ahead.

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