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Kate Moss gold sculpture unveiled


August 28, 2008/2.00

Kate Moss Siren in goldA gold sculpture (the maquette is shown at left) of supermodel Kate Moss, dubbed Siren, has been unveiled at the British Museum.
   The statue, weighing 50 kg, is the work of artist Marc Quinn. It is claimed to be the largest gold statue since those made in ancient Egypt and has been valued at £1·5 million.
   Quinn chose Moss as he felt she was the ideal beauty of the time.
   The statue will be displayed at the Nereid Gallery of the Museum. The presently untitled exhibition, on contemporary sculpture, runs from October 4 to January 25.

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2 thoughts on ‘Kate Moss gold sculpture unveiled

  1. Let’s not be taken in by this piece of ‘fool’s gold’ sculpted from ‘a fool’ that with relative recent repute has to be regarded as dross in dress, in demeanour, in anti-desire which requires only a side glance upon the contorted; already tarnished cerebral brassy-ness of it; imparts immediate distaste to high degree when her pouting face is seen in competition with her horrible thrusting vulva. –

    Did she really model tackily like that in clay delved from some disgusting dank, smelly English sod?

    Did they imagine we would be beguiled by a c-u-n-t cast in overrated gold?

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