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Global fashion week glimpses

September 18, 2008/10.02

We’ve been thinking about putting up some of the images we’ve already got from New York, London and Auckland fashion weeks. It’s ironic: back in the 1990s and even early 2000s, we would have been boycotted from fashion weeks around the world for posting images too early. Now, it seems to be normal behaviour. So, here are some, but the full reports won’t be published for a while in the print editions of Lucire. (Images courtesy Stephen Ciuccoli, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Michael Ng.)

John Russel Jones interviews Tadashi Shoji
Above: John Russel Jones interviewing Tadashi Shoji for Lucire.

Nicole Miller
Peter SomCusto Barcelona
Above: Prints at Nicole Miller; Peter Som goes retro-glam; Custo Barcelona has another explosion of colour.

Stitch MinistryNom D
Nom DAbove left: Stitch Ministry. Above right and left: Nom D.

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