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When fashion and beauty magazines bore


October 3, 2007/0.27

A designer, who shall remain nameless, recently said that Lucire was the only New Zealand [fashion] magazine she knew of that had any real journalism in it. I was very happy to hear that feedback, and it seems the concern of fashion magazines lacking depth is something shared by others. Stevie Wilson, Lucire’s former US bureau chief and an editor with us for many years, wrote on her blog how she has been chipping away at her subscriptions’ list as each magazine, in her opinion, becomes emptier.

In particular, this quotation was interesting. Maybe celebs sell, but they are pissing more educated readers off: ‘I know I am busy but that never stopped me from reading magazines. well now it seems that the same celebs play a merry go round of switching covers and it’s BORING. I don’t find celebs appealing that much and with all the stuff they get, it’s not exciting.’

I know my own life is more interesting than what these stars get up to.

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