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Renewing our link to


October 3, 2007/0.16

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This week, we renewed our acquaintance with Mike Feldman at, which we knew many years ago as
   I remember meeting up with Mike and his wife Dianna mere weeks before 9-11 at the Penn Club at the NYSE, and over the years, we’ve maintained our websites’ respective links to one another.
   We’ve put a new one up on the home page and Mike has done the same from, and I would certainly recommend his site to those interested in fashion shopping events in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Now it should be very obvious why the site is no longer
   The site has also grown to have ?ve blogs and original content, and makes for a particularly good read. Members get more privileges, so it’s worth the sign-up, especially if you are in the three centres in which markets.

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