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A public thank-you to the Lucire team


March 6, 2011/3.35

To my loyal and hard-working team: thank you.
   This is a very public thanks to you all for getting us to a landmark: 101 articles picked up by Google News in the course of a month.
   While these numbers are tiny alongside the big sites, it’s not bad for an independent, niche publication working in several media. More so when you consider that our very first issue, in October 1997, stayed largely static till December of that year, all laid out using old-fashioned HTML.
   In 2001, we found that a fortnightly schedule was too much, in those pre-content management system days. Now we update regularly during the day.
   In fact, our latest email newsletter, which went out yesterday, was already dated by today, since two more features and countless more news articles went online after its posting.
   To our regular readers, thank you for standing by us over the last 14 years. This is a little reminder that we are giving away a 50 ml La Prairie Midnight Rain to those joining our Facebook page. All you need to do is “like” it. (Some conditions apply.)
   Let’s break some more records in the years to come!—Jack Yan, Publisher

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