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Breaking an umbrella is cheaper than losing a pair of pants

September 14, 2008/12.57

Anyone who sues someone over an umbrella—for a million dollars, no less—deserves to have their claim thrown out of court.    As anyone reading this can guess, this lawsuit arose in New York. Where else?    While the media do not always give a complete story, it appears restaurateur Nello Balan (of Nello’s) lent a model, […]

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You eco-consciously light up my life

September 13, 2008/1.40

Clockwise from top left: Revealing an old wall at Star?sh with an eco-friendly re?t. One of the new Osram energy-saving lights. Witchery’s ?agship store in Wellington is tasteful and elegant. Ever since we took the ?les for the New Zealand issue to the printer, I have attended a few more dos around Wellington (as to New […]

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British women vote Fiat 500 their sexiest car

September 11, 2008/13.32

We did say the Fiat 500 was the Car to Be Seen in for 2008—something we actually knew in January but had to delay announcing for commercial reasons (including its later launch in New Zealand). And now, as if to prove that we do have our ?nger on the pulse, British women have voted the […]

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The meaning of 9-11, seven years on

September 10, 2008/13.34

As it is September 11 here in New Zealand, I thought about what I might write in tribute to those who fell that day. Then I remembered that I wrote something last year at this time, viz. quoting my own editorial written on September 11, 2001 (which, of course, was the 12th as far as […]

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Sweden’s second sustainability wave


Although I was wearing my Medinge Group director’s hat when I sent off the think-tank’s latest press release, a few items may interest Lucire readers, especially those who came to us as a result of our UNEP partnership in 2003.    The second issue of The Journal of the Medinge Group has a very interesting article on […]

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Thirty dollars: the secret to a fun relationship

September 9, 2008/11.16

I met Emma Veale when I stayed at the Park Hyatt Melbourne, where she was marketing manager—and very accustomed to excellent customer service. I hope she won’t mind if I mention that she is on her six-month countdown to her wedding and in her courtship with her ?ancé Denis, she has come up with plenty […]

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Ingrid Betancourt announced by Association as Woman of the Year

September 5, 2008/12.06

The World Awards Association, presided by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mikhail Gorbachev, today announced the ?rst Women’s World Awards winner for 2008, Ingrid Betancourt. Betancourt, 46, the former Columbian presidential candidate, kidnapped in 2002 by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) and held captive in the Columbian jungle for six-and-a-half years, will receive the […]

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Reese Witherspoon, Avon celebrate milestone in fund-raising

August 29, 2008/13.37

Avon Products, Inc. and Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon held a press conference in São Paulo, Brazil yesterday to celebrate the sale of 1·5 million units of Avon’s Women’s Empowerment Bracelet, the company’s first global fund-raising product.    Joining Witherspoon at the conference were Nilcéa Freire, Brazil’s Federal Secretary for Women Policies; Ana Falú, UNIFEM Regional Director for the […]

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Kate Moss gold sculpture unveiled

August 28, 2008/2.00

A gold sculpture (the maquette is shown at left) of supermodel Kate Moss, dubbed Siren, has been unveiled at the British Museum.    The statue, weighing 50 kg, is the work of artist Marc Quinn. It is claimed to be the largest gold statue since those made in ancient Egypt and has been valued at […]

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Question marks raised over He Kexin’s age

August 22, 2008/10.48

[Cross-posted] You’ve all heard the controversy over whether Red Chinese gymnast He Kexin is 14 or 16. A hacker has found documents in the Baidu (the Red Chinese search engine) cache that indicate she is 14. Some commenters have attacked the hacker, pointing out some potential errors in the search. A few point out that […]

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