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Denmark launches clothing with high UV protection

May 1, 2009/9.37

On April 28, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society) launched a campaign against skin cancer, opened by Crown Princess Mary. Danish designers have created a fashion range high in UV protection made with sustainable materials. The clothes have been tested for ultraviolet radiation with the UV-801 test at the Institute of Technology, Denmark. The video […]

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You’ll be wanting Kate Sylvester this summer

April 30, 2009/3.09

Drawing inspiration from hiking in the wilderness—the Routeburn, to be precise—Kate Sylvester’s summer 2010 collection was en route to adventure and discovery.    While the clothing was all gorgeous and very wearable, the accessories were what we were all crowing about. Explorer backpacks glowed vibrantly in primary coloured silks, and Doc Marten boots were customized […]

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Ellery wins the pageant

April 29, 2009/2.57

Held off-site in a cavernous warehouse in Waterloo, Ellery had us waiting outside in the cold and crowding the street for an hour and a half. Thoughtfully, handsome waiters were sent out bearing trays of Absolut vodka cocktails to keep us entertained.    The collection was full of detail and featured near-knicker-exposing skirt lengths, strong […]

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A bolder Zambesi


While elements of the Zambesi collection were their tried and true style, there was a lot that was new and interesting. The injections of bold colour are sure to shake up the die-hard Gothic Kiwi fans, while the innovative re-presentation of classics will have them itching with excitement. There was a balancing act of sheer, […]

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Powerless before Zimmerman


A citywide power outage occurred as we were filing in for the Zimmerman show. All Fashion Week shows were then postponed until the power came back on. Luckily the shortage lasted only an hour, long enough to have a drink or three in the Rosemount Wine Bar. The collection that was finally shown was well […]

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Arnsdorf, RAFW spring–summer 2009–10

April 28, 2009/1.47

Again I’m in second-to-front row, with a goody bag, at Arnsdorf. I look behind me this time, expecting this show to also be a mish-mash of hierarchy, but no, only the front two rows have the bags. I put on my dark glasses and pretend that I’m famous too.    Oh oh oh, crop tops […]

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Ginger & Smart does a kite-runner


Ginger & Smart were all about kites and it was beautiful. As the statement kite-bearing model chasséd down the runway, a frenzy of clicking from the photographers’ pit could be heard.    Silk featured prominently, and the bold and bright colours stood out against a background of black. Silhouettes flowed like the silk they were […]

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Power women at Bec & Bridge


The catwalk at the Bec & Bridge show was in the shape of a T with three entrances, proving the models’ professional skills as they negotiated each other at the intersection. They came out of each door at breakneck speed, and the nail-biting risk of their carefully choreographed routine seemed to emphasize the strong-woman atmosphere […]

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Camilla and Marc do cream and sex

April 27, 2009/12.11

I am looking forward to a sexy summer with Camilla and Marc.    Universally, summer trends seem to be all about plays of proportion, and Camilla and Marc’s spring–summer 2009–10 collection affirms this. In typical Australian style, this collection was laid-back and light in spirit. Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images    Looks were accessorized with heavy gold […]

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Official Miss Sweden barred from Miss Universe, says pageant

April 23, 2009/13.31

The official winner of the Miss Sweden pageant will not be permitted to enter Miss Universe.    Panos Papadopoulos, director of the official Miss Sweden pageant, has tried over the last several years to modernize the event, and says that the effort required to do that put Sweden’s entry at odds with the outmoded ideas […]

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