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Ashes to Ashes is back

April 2, 2009/9.15

Further to our earlier post about the second series of Ashes to Ashes, here’s the trailer, released yesterday.    The 1980s, or at least this fictional version of it, doesn’t look much like where we are at, with its bright colours—we are trying to shed ourselves of 1970s’ dreariness. Though the autumn 2009 collections indicate […]

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1982 will be different as Ashes to Ashes’ next series begins

March 28, 2009/6.09

We’ve been patiently waiting for news of Ashes to Ashes’ second series for quite some time. This time last year, we had already talked about the series, the ’80s and the decade’s influence on fashion.    Last week was the first time we had heard much about the next Ashes to Ashes, aside from a […]

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Objects of Desire at Tamsin Cooper

March 25, 2009/8.39

Available from early April, Tamsin Cooper’s autumn–winter 2009 collection, Objects of Desire, includes pendant necklaces, winter wraps and Victorian-styled brooches. Colours, according to Cooper’s company, include ‘garnet red, inky sapphire blue, dark amethyst and dramatic jet black,’ along with hot pink, mandarin and peacock blue.    When the economic climate isn’t the rosiest, there seems […]

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Tata Nano’s significance reaches far beyond India’s shores

March 23, 2009/11.02

This morning at our New Zealand bureau, we received a news advisory about the launch of the Tata Nano in Mumbai today.    We expect to have coverage of the launch by this time tomorrow.    The Nano, which we covered excitedly in Lucire in January 2008, represents a positive step for the Indian motor […]

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Russian Fashion Week president, Alexander Shumsky, honoured

March 21, 2009/11.27

On the wires: the World Fashion Award for Professional Achievement in Moskva went to Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in eastern Europe. Seventy-one-year-old designer Slava Zaitsev received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The event was broadcast by the Swiss-based World Fashion Channel.    We suspect that we will hear far […]

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Insight about the Honda Insight


Above: The 2000 Honda Insight for the US market.   [Cross-posted] I get a bit bored of the media—this includes The New York Times today quoting ‘analysts’—saying that the Honda Insight (which got way better mileage than the Toyota Prius, and which was on sale in the US before the Prius) did not succeed because […]

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They could have been Car to Be Seen in ’09

March 19, 2009/9.17

We are a bit late this year announcing our Car to Be Seen in finalists. But I can tell you which new models have been taken off the final shortlist. Our honourable mentions are, for 2009, the following. Audi A4    The Quattro models are fine but the front-wheel-drive model struggles with grip. We like […]

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Top model Jodie Kidd kicks off Fiat’s EcoDrive

March 18, 2009/11.01

Last year, we said the Fiat 500 would be the Car to Be Seen in—and this year, more people are getting on board the popular retro-styled subcompact car.    After celebrating Barbie’s 50th anniversary with a pink 500 last week (below), Fiat has announced that British top model Jodie Kidd was the first Briton to […]

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Black and white and Classic

March 16, 2009/11.24

We rather like this top from Levi’s autumn–winter 2009 Classic range for the southern hemisphere. Black and white are up to the minute for the winter season, and the Levi’s range has gone away from prints, which is what we forecast. The women’s stripe Henley goes for NZ$59·90. You may also like Specsavers shows modern […]

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Panos Emporio prepares for summer ’09

March 14, 2009/12.48

As mentioned in this weekend’s feature, we’ve had photographs from Panos Emporio’s summer 2009 for quite some time, but March is a far better time to release them than September. The ranges are hitting boutiques now, and we liked Panos’s inspirations this season from tropical gardens and deserts for his main collection. There’s more on […]

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