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Global brands will emerge from the financial crisis

October 3, 2008/5.49

Now that the debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden is over, the news is swinging back on to the discussions of the $700 billion proposed bailout by the US Government for its troubled finance firms. On Reuter today, experts are discussing whether this bailout signals the end of the US’s soft power. […]

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Make-up goes ’50s at Verge

September 18, 2008/11.50

Mineral make-up, as discussed by Lucire’s beauty columnist Nicole McKinnon as being the hot new trend back in 2006, has continued to be a staple, especially on the catwalk at Air New Zealand Fashion Week. At Verge, Nikki Lovrich, head make-up artist for the Jane Iredale team at the Verge show, gave the models a high-glamour […]

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They were all Happy Days: ’50s fashion is back


We’ve noticed a lot of 1950s and retro styles at the spring–summer 2009 New York Fashion Week, and, as we noted today on our fashion features’ page, Shaboosh of Australia (above) has sought the same inspiration. There is some evidence to show that when there are recessionary tendencies in the market—and collapsing American ?nancial giants […]

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Global fashion week glimpses


We’ve been thinking about putting up some of the images we’ve already got from New York, London and Auckland fashion weeks. It’s ironic: back in the 1990s and even early 2000s, we would have been boycotted from fashion weeks around the world for posting images too early. Now, it seems to be normal behaviour. So, […]

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You eco-consciously light up my life

September 13, 2008/1.40

Clockwise from top left: Revealing an old wall at Star?sh with an eco-friendly re?t. One of the new Osram energy-saving lights. Witchery’s ?agship store in Wellington is tasteful and elegant. Ever since we took the ?les for the New Zealand issue to the printer, I have attended a few more dos around Wellington (as to New […]

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Suddenly, the wheels are in motion

September 12, 2008/11.31

I can’t believe it’s a year since the passing of Dame Anita Roddick—something which we noted with sadness in Lucire. This came to mind when I read our write-up about another famous woman, who, without early detection through breast self-examination, might not be with us today: Olivia Newton-John.    We’ve had a strong record of […]

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Sweden’s second sustainability wave

September 10, 2008/13.08

Although I was wearing my Medinge Group director’s hat when I sent off the think-tank’s latest press release, a few items may interest Lucire readers, especially those who came to us as a result of our UNEP partnership in 2003.    The second issue of The Journal of the Medinge Group has a very interesting article on […]

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A glimpse into autumn–winter beauty


John Russel Jones, Stephen Ciuccoli, Amanda Dorcil and Reiva Cruze are all reporting a ‘hectic’ New York Fashion Week, while we gear up here in New Zealand for another. In London, Monica Waldron and Robyn Merritt are heading to a smaller group of shows. And while they’re doing that, we decided at head of?ce to […]

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We now return to your regularly scheduled programme (sort of)

August 24, 2008/9.25

We apologize to readers for the loss of service on this blog for a few days. Lucire is planning a mobile edition and we had a glitch (caused by human error) in one of the lines of code. Please stay tuned as we do have news items to post up here from earlier days—there’s still […]

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New Zealand’s top hairdresser crowned at L’Oréal Colour Trophy

August 3, 2008/1.21

Caleb Alex from Servilles in Newmarket has been crowned New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year after taking out the Supreme Award at the prestigious L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards last night (August 2).    At a glittering event attended by the country’s top stylists and celebrities, Caleb was chosen from seven other Supreme Award finalists wowing the […]

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