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Changes coming to the Lucire forum


November 10, 2008/9.34

We may be making some big changes to the Lucire forum this month. Once called StyleTalk, the forum has gone through quite a few incarnations, and its heyday was in 2003 when it was receiving tens of thousands of visitors regularly.
   But with blogs becoming the norm, more successful forums opening up elsewhere, a few issues inside our own company mid-decade and a successful hacking attempt by some dodgy bastards in 2005, the Lucire forum never regained the momentum it had five years ago.
   These days it’s getting a bit of ad spam, too, though we have stopped most of the adult junk that had found its way there a few years ago.
   It’s a shame that the negatives of running a forum outweighed the positives for us, because the team enjoyed liaising with readers, who now just as readily find us through things such as our Facebook group, this blog, or direct contact with team members. And I know some of you are finding us through our new mobile service at, too.
   The new media landscape has seen sites spread their traffic to other domains and I believe this is what we will do in the immediate future for the forum. The old one will likely remain on our server and still accessible through the existing URL, but we are working on something new with a start-up that we’re pretty excited about. That means more lively discussions, which I think is what any forum should serve up.

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