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Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package could be great for green


November 10, 2008/9.08

I congratulate Australian PM for announcing a A$6·2 billion stimulus package for the . And before you think I am going to go off talking cars again, this is about the environment—something that many Lucire readers care about with our UNEP connection.
   Australia has long innovated in the automotive industry but a lot of its contributions have not seen the light of day. With Rudd’s political will—as one would expect from any top–down approach of this sort—I am hoping that this time things will be different.
   What Rudd wants to see are innovative alternatives to the petrol-driven internal combustion engine.
   GM and Toyota will likely go to the route and Ford is looking at diesels and .
   Countries like Red China are obsessed with regurgitating old , which means that whatever lead Australia is able to create from the extra funds can be signi?cant as far as the Asia–Paci?c region is concerned.
   With Ford Australia in particular developing for Asian markets, Australian-spearheaded technologies may ?nd their way across the region.
   Looking even more widely, Rudd’s injection could even change the face of motoring, making it more green globally, and that, too, must be worth it. I hope the Australians get even more creative than the plans they currently have on their drawing boards.

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