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Gisèle Bündchen is UNEP’s new ambassador


September 21, 2009/14.09

Today on the Lucire site: we have news that supermodel Gisèle Bündchen has followed in our footsteps by partnering with the UNEP. As Lucire pioneered the idea of partnering the UNEP with the fashion industry, we’re delighted to see the environmental organization find someone as high-profile as Gisèle.
   Meanwhile, we have a road test of the Ford Fiesta Mk VII, a small car that any of us driving gas guzzlers might consider. It’s a very able subcompact which goes as well as a larger car—and we managed up to 39 mpg in it, too. Short of going to a zero emissions’ car, the Fiesta is not a bad choice if you must drive a petrol vehicle.

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