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Leonardo DiCaprio highlights TAG Heuer’s climate change efforts


March 19, 2010/11.09

Leonardo di Caprio
Leonardo di Caprio
Leonardo di Caprio
Leonardo di Caprio
TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster
From top Tesla’s Elon Musk, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio and J.-C. Babin with the Grand Carrera Pendulum concept watch. Leonardo DiCaprio, J.-C. Babin and TAG Heuer honorary chairman Jack Heuer. The unique TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio spoke highly of TAG Heuer’s social responsibility in fighting climate change at an event in Basel, earlier this week at the BaselWorld shows.
   TAG Heuer, supporting the NRDC and Green Cross International, launched what it called the Odyssey of Pioneers, a travelling roadshow promoting its timepieces between March and October this year.
   Tesla Motors is supporting the promotion, with a special edition of its Roadster. The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster led the roadshow, which departed from Basel at dawn today.
   The Odyssey is planned to be the first round-the-world tour by a zero-emission sports car.
   DiCaprio said TAG Heuer has a ‘global mission … to protect our planet.’ He commended the company for its donations to NRDC and Green Cross International which, he says, are part of the company’s business model.
   He made his support for President Barack Obama publicly known, calling him a leader who understands the necessity of a ‘green revolution’.
   At the event, as part of its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer launched the Grand Carrera Pendulum concept watch, which is the first watch without a hairspring, replacing it with magnetic fields. Over 600 people attended the celebration.

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