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South Island by Clio, sans Nicole et Papa


November 9, 2008/4.46

I was interested to find that there were still photographs from my 2007 South Island drive that hadn’t seen the public light of day. These were good shots of the Renault Clio 3 that the company had loaned to me.
Outside Carey's Bay Hotel
Outside Carey’s Bay Hotel, the Clio looked more 21st century than the 1990s cars parked outside.
Renault Clio rear badge
The rear detail, shot at Aramoana Spit.
Renault Clio and 25
And my, how cars have grown. The Clio with the (once upon a time) large-sized Renault 25 from the 1980s behind it in Port Chalmers.
   As I noted in Lucire no. 26, the Clio is a great little big car. It feels and handles like a much larger, refined vehicle—and in this day and age, it makes one wonder why anyone would consider a full-size car for families when a Clio fills that role admirably.

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