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We wish the world revolved around Italy


March 1, 2009/9.50

Frankie Morello autumn–winter 2009–10, photographed by Thomaz, in LucireLucire has a distinct Italian flavour at the moment, thanks in part to photographer Thomaz and his Milano shots from two fashion week shows so far: Byblos and Frankie Morello. Of the two, Morello is more newsworthy in its three-dimensional, origami quality; Byblos is more subtle, using silks and cashmere in showing off a structured, almost military inspiration.
   Stanley Moss, who gave us news of a special at the splendid Palazzo Magnani Feroni in Firenze, reports on more bargains in these budget-conscious times from Italy’s most artistic city. Whether you are shopping for gloves and handbags, ceramics, or a great-value meal that includes truffles, then his ‘Florentine Insider’ article has the low-down.
   The world does not revolve around Italy, as much as we would like it to: Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian report from Hollywood on the Golden Globes’ suites, and we show off some beds that we spotted at a Design Mobel launch in Wellington, New Zealand last Wednesday.

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5 thoughts on ‘We wish the world revolved around Italy

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  4. But the world revolves around Italy! Never having set foot in NZ, I have no clue as to how to begin to compare or equate anything Italian and Kiwi.

    I have been looking at some of the fashion shoots coming out these days, and I like the more chaotic, curvy, ruffled and cleanly trashed designs that I am seeing. Origami… perhaps that too.

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