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In brief: Malo goes yellow; Boots brings back 17; GHD brings back its original; Saks on Tiktok

British firms revive their tried and trusted, while Saks goes head-first on to Tiktok; Malo Cashmere goes yellow for International Women’s Day
February 17, 2022/9.15

Malo Cashmere, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, commemorates next month’s International Women’s Day with a mimosa yellow makò cotton crew neck featuring macro flowers worked with double technique, jacquard and inlay. The crew neck is part of its spring–summer 2022 collection, dubbed En plein air, and retails for €480, via its online shop at

There’s nothing like the original, and GHD knows this as it relaunches its original hair straightener.

The British firm knows that it’s 2022 and simply getting the moulds out and doing the same thing as 2001 isn’t going to cut it. That’s why the 2022 model, while resembling the original, has single-zone technology, new-generation heaters and ceramic plates with gloss coating, and a subtle refresh to make it appear more contemporary.

GHD sees it as the perfect place to start one’s hair-straightening experience, as an entry-level tool.

GHD isn’t the only British firm doing revivals. Boots is bringing back its budget 17 make-up line, first launched in 1968 and sold for 50 years. This time, the principle is the same, but the items themselves have been updated, with vegan and cruelty-free products.

‘We believe beauty is for everyone, and affordable cosmetics doesn’t have to mean a compromise on quality,’ said Jenna Whittingham-Ward, Boots Brands’ head of beauty.

Appropriately, the 170-strong range including foundations, lip crayons, eye palettes, blushes, mascaras, powders, and more launched on February 17 and hits Boots stores from February 21, 2022. Prices begin in the UK at £2.
Finally, Saks has launched on Tiktok (@saks) with a series of short-form videos. The company has partnered with Larsen Thompson, Everett Williams, Chanel McKinsie and Maddie White to create its Tiktok content series. There’s also more on the Lupita Nyong’o campaign reported at Lucire last week. Now, if only Tiktok content could be embedded properly on a web page.

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