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Academy Award low-down: who came out top on Oscars’ night?

March 3, 2008/10.51

Did Atonement win the Academy Award? Or did the crime thriller No Country for Old Men swipe the Oscar? We now have all the answers from February 24 when this year’s winners were revealed. While we were all hoping our favourites would win the industry’s most sought-after awards, that wasn’t always the case. By the […]

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Tying up loose ends: StarNow judging; forged New York letter


We had to make our ?nal decisions for the StarNow Australian Model Search 2008 today. We had a shortlist thanks to the voters who went in to StarNow, and chose from those models rather than the full pool. It was an interesting bunch and I do know the choices made by Lucire editor Laura Ming-Wong and […]

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Katoucha Niane, 47, confirmed dead

March 1, 2008/11.29

Katoucha Niane, the model who graced Yves Saint Laurent’s campaigns in the late 1980s, has been confirmed as the body recovered Thursday in the Seine. She had been reported missing on February 1. French police officers are treating her death as accidental: it was believed that she returned to her houseboat drunk and fell in […]

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Fellow publishers, do you go through this?

February 28, 2008/19.36

I can’t believe it: yet another stylist’s letter making the rounds in NYC that we have no knowledge of. Again, I won’t name the stylist, but if you are going to go around with a letter that bears my name and signature, I’ll give you one bit of advice: get the postal code right. Copying […]

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Checking the StarNow Australian Model Search entrants

February 24, 2008/22.41

I’ve logged in to the StarNow site to see who has added their names and portfolios to the Australian Model Search that the agency is running.    I am happy to note that there are more ladies over 30, plus a handful over 45. To those ladies, I say: good on you.    There is […]

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Being a harsh judge helps in Miss New Zealand


I see Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Merced—Mrs Bruce Forsyth now—was mentioned on our blog, which takes us into the world of pageantry once again (OK, bad segue). It’s the season for it and I am unof?cially told that I will be judging Miss Universe New Zealand again.    Last year’s pageant was an eye-opener and this year […]

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Time for a Brucie Bonus: compère extraordinaire Forsyth turns 80


Showbiz legend Bruce Forsyth, CBE has celebrated his 80th birthday.    To mark the occasion, the Strictly Come Dancing host held a press conference at London’s Dorchester Hotel, followed by a lavish party for family and friends.    In an interview last week, Forsyth insisted that he has no intention of retiring just yet.    […]

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The Vista Group comes to order

February 23, 2008/5.05

[Cross-posted] I had a great lunch (to which I was on time) with Wellington bloggers Jim Donovan and Mark Di Somma at Vista, which now seems to be a monthly gig, discussing business and branding. Funnily enough, the Trelise Cooper brand did come up (just blogged about it, guys), but we also talked about the […]

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Treliske v. Trelise wouldn’t be easily won


[Cross-posted] If you read between the lines, you probably could detect I wasn’t terribly thrilled about the Trelise Cooper Ltd. v. Cooper and other case from 2005 to 2007. It was brand-damaging for Trelise Cooper, probably stressful for Tamsin Cooper, and at the end of the day, I had my doubts on whether the burden […]

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