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100 per cent New Zealand-designed


October 27, 2007/1.16

Yesterday, I saw this proclamation one time too many: ‘100% New Zealand Design’.
   I worked for a company once, as a design assistant, that stated on its catalogue that it was 100 per cent ‘Designed in New Zealand’. Well, not only is this a wishy-washy statement trying to detract from the stigma of off-shore manufacture; in the case of the company I was working for, the definition of New Zealand designed seemed to include ordering a complete size nest of jeans from GAP, and sending them to China to by copied directly, the only difference being the label sewn in the back.
   I’m sure the general public is not so stupid. I was heartened to hear of several enquiries to the company as to where the products were made. Don’t other people get sick of being fed this crap?

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