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The Kin hit the Troubador with Josh Kelley and the Pat McGee Band


November 24, 2007/22.55

[Cross-posted] It’s not all the time I hit the clubs. There are musicians who can attest to that—mostly because of deadlines or time frames of when they are going on and the distance I have to drive.
   Recently the Kin toured with Josh Kelley and the Pat McGee Band for well over a month across the US, expanding the reach and exposure of their music. Their sole date in LA was at the Troubadour and a friend and I went up to LA to hear the bill and interview the Kin, Josh Kelley and Pat McGee Band.
   Thanks to an amazing comedy of errors—blame it on Mercury retrograde—everyone was late. I was pretty much on time.
   What you are about to see is the VIP acoustic performance by the Kin in the Troubadour before the doors opened to the public. The live performance for the public was inspiring and showed an increasing confidence in their music and performance—they got your attention and it was a nice ride, a thrill ride of sorts. But that’s not in the video and the concert will be reviewed along with Josh Kelley’s performance with photos in another post.
   However in the rest of the video is an interview done outside the Troubadour (sans Shakerleg. We could not find him!) in the light of the streetlamp. You can see the passion they have for their music. You can hear it in their music, their voices and see it in their eyes.
   The interview was fun and I think you might enjoy the pulse of the crowd and life as a musician as you see them live it.

Author’s notes
Check out their websites:,
   Buy the CD Rise and Fall—a good investment. If you have a chance to see them live, do so. They are better live then they are on CD—and I can’t say that about many musicians.
  Thanks guys! You were amazing—as always. In case you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, head into the LA-Story blog and search for other posts about the Kin and listen to their podcasts. There’s still one more left to come.—Stevie Wilson

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