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Arizona road trip

December 3, 2007/8.32

There are a lot of connections between myself, Stanley Moss, Pierre d’Huy, Lucire and the Medinge Group. Rather than explain things too much, I’d like to share some photos that won’t be in a future Lucire from Stanley, who serves as travel editor: after all, this blog is about the behind-the-scenes happenings at this magazine and our team.
   These photos were from a road trip in Arizona, passing the red rocks at Sedona, back in the late summer and early autumn.

Stan and Pierre at Sedona

Rules of the West
Rules of the west detailed: a brand is important

Allen_pierre 2
Pierre with Hopi chief Allen Pooyouma

   The last shot is Pierre with Hopi chief Allen Pooyouma. Pierre is not freakishly tall: the Mustang is a good indicator of scale.
   There will be road trip articles in Lucire next year: watch this space.

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