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Rating the amenities


April 22, 2010/1.43

You can tell a lot about a luxury property simply by looking at the amenities laid out in the bathroom. Recently I applied the amenity-test to three properties in Paris: the first, a higher end boutique inn near Trocadero, had l’Occitane products, a solid mid-level retail brand- the interesting and sportif Verveine scent, and good quantities—no skimping on the portions. The second hotel, a more Bohemian haunt on the Left Bank overlooking the Jardins de Luxembourg, had those wonderful Hermès orange products. While the rooms were small and a shade severe, the amenities made the entire offering feel warmer. The last, a faded palace off the Champs-Élysées near metro Georges V with a shimmering white tile bathroom like out of a Kubrick movie, had excellent Bulgari products with their signature teaberry scent and clean, light packaging. Still, nothing new, seen them all before, and each bespoke its perception of luxury.
   What a pleasure it was later, at the Aman New Delhi, to discover Kama Ayurveda, an emerging line with superior products and a laudable corporate mission. High-quality certified Ayurvedic formulations, community involvement and supporting small industry in Jalsaimer, Rajasthan. Some utterly clever person at Aman has selected Les Jardins d’Inde Lavender Patchouli Body Cleanser and Hair Cleanser for their suites. It could be the old hippy in me, but you gotta love that fragance. And the soaps do their work and rinse away beautifully. On offer in some duty free shops; you can also get them in international hotel and spa locations. The company seems to market gift boxes, which look to be a very cool item, filled with exotic products and the lure of new horizons. See for more information.—Stanley Moss

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