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Hands Up ’08 helping to stop human trafficking


March 16, 2008/21.49

Hands Up ’08

I enjoy seeing fashion and good causes come together. Douglas Voon (of Voon, where his wife Sophie designs) is putting a lot of effort into spreading the word on Hands Up ’08, a celebration of fashion, music and dance with the proceeds going to helping stop human traf?cking in Malawi.
   You can ?nd out more about Stop the Traf?k at its website. From the press release Douglas sent me a few weeks ago (with a few edits from us), which summarizes the ideas well:

Hands Up ’08
The event will be a spectacular fashion, music and performance event, with the aim to raise money for Stop the Traf?k, a global coalition of over 800 organizations in more than 50 countries who work to prevent people traf?cking.
   Money raised through the Hands Up show will target in particular the prevention of child prostitution as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of those children who have already fallen into such circumstances. The aim is donate 100 percent of ticket sales to Stop the Traf?k. The ?rst Hands Up (September 2006) raised $13,000 for Lebanon bombings’ victims.
   Show organizers Sophie Voon and Angela Duncan (above) said that child prostitution and pornography is an issue that they feel passionately about and want to put an end to.
   ‘This industry is growing at an alarming rate although we hear relatively little about it,’ says Ms Voon. ‘The victims are getting younger each year and the abuse more violent.’

   It’s to be held on March 27, 8 p.m. (doors open from 7.15 p.m.) at Wellington Cathedral (Molesworth Street, Wellington, New Zealand), with nine catwalk collections from Oyl, Voon, Sophie Voon Bridal, Robyn Mathieson, Mandatory, Star?sh, Zantis, Marvel Menswear and Miriam Gibson with special thanks to Ultra Shoes. There will be performances from Warren Maxwell, Footnote Dance and Strike Percussion. Tickets are $30 each from participating stores—head over to the MySpace page for more details.
   When I get a chance, there’ll be another quick Wellington update—on the Bendon Lingerie store opening last Friday. A very enjoyable show and Wellington seemed to have turned on the weather and good food for the Auckland contingent who came to the bash. Our photos are coming later this week.

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