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Saving the environment is in the jeans


March 13, 2008/2.22

As part of our partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it’s our pleasure to present its latest video in combatting climate change.
   Don’t stop reading, it’s not that laborious. Its latest TVC is stylishly made, with music by Etienne de Crécy, and offers some genuinely painless tips on looking after your denim jeans—while saving ?ve times the energy. The ad is 30 seconds long: click on the image below to play.

   Analysis shows that for any pair of jeans, the greatest environmental impact comes from its use. ‘Therefore, the number of times jeans are worn before being washed, the washing temperature, the use of detergents, the machine-drying and the ironing constitute many crucial steps. We also shouldn’t forget that a well maintained garment will last longer, thus generating less waste!’ says the UNEP.
   The TVC stars Kambod and Mathou as the dancers (Tecktonik is the dance style), and was directed by FD Production.

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