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Welcome to Planet Green


June 6, 2008/10.32

On June 4, 2008, we said, ‘Welcome,’ to Planet Green, Discovery’s new channel replacing Discovery Home. And the welcome is felt extra-strongly because one of the channel’s personalities and board advisers is none other than Lucire editor-at-large Summer Rayne Oakes.
   She tells me that there is a Wasted show that is based on the one from New Zealand, so it’s good to know that Kiwi TV has produced more licensing opportunities than Popstars and Outrageous Fortune. The series shows how we are engaging in wasteful behaviours—and how we can reduce our ecological footprint very effortlessly.
   Summer Rayne’s ‘Ask Summer Rayne’ column has been running on the site for a while, as those following her news blog will know, and you can ?nd out more by sur?ng over to the channel’s fashion and beauty pages.
   Discovery has no plans to roll out the channel Down Under yet, but we can keep hoping. If you’re in North America, hop over to the site and see if you can get the channel: it’s worth considering to make this planet last for us and for the generations to come.

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