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How I louvre to see you


March 28, 2008/5.10

While Samantha Potes is covering Toronto Fashion Week for Lucire (welcome back, Samantha!), we did receive a release about Kolor Shades from Canada. They’ve just had their opening party in Toronto and sent us some great images from their shoot.
   They’re very youthful and apparently these are the latest styles in eyewear, though older readers may see that it’s a case of the cycle swinging around again, albeit with a late 2000s’ bent. There are more women than men pictured, but Kolor Shades does sell men’s and women’s versions.

Kolor Shades

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4 thoughts on ‘How I louvre to see you

  1. How are these guys any different than Shutter Shades ( Kolors haven’t been around nearly as long as Shutter Shades. Plus with Metro Park, Planet Funk, and Urban selling them, these guys are in tough company.

  2. Marc, remember that this is a blog where we occasionally just throw up things that take our fancy. These did, and Shutter Shades never contacted us. As to differentiation, I imagine it would be minimal. What we thought, in fact, was these (regardless of brand) were revisiting a trend that we had seen 30-plus years ago.

  3. I agree with you Jack …

    Kolor Shades has the look and has been seen all over Europe as well as in France and have heard that they are coming out with Limited Edition Swarovski Crystals and working with a very famous french designer can’t wait to see those

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