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Quality finds: Test Shoot Gallery


January 26, 2011/8.10

Test Shoot Gallery
Test Shoot Gallery
Test Shoot Gallery
Test Shoot Gallery

Based out of Singapore, Test Shoot Gallery (TSG) is an online, fashion gallery where new and established artists, through collaborations, can showcase their work across multiple disciplines.
   Initially starting out on Facebook in late 2009 to exhibit their growing number of test shoots, after much success, a decision was made to expand onto their own site to cater for the large community of fashion-hungry followers.
   A refreshing part of the site is their lack of restrictions, due to minimal advertising. The site is running due to a group of brilliant, young adults who want a great place for people to display their work and go to for inspiration. Not limited by current trends, sponsors or their products, TSG finds inspiration in the eccentric and new and considers itself, ‘Not [just] another fashion blog or magazine.’
   With its great team behind it, with each individual specializing in a different aspect, the site is continually changing and evolving. With its ability to combine varied expressions in pop culture, art, design, fashion, music, film and photography, it approaches design in a fresh and unique way, happy to explore the unlimited possibilities in artistic expression.—Elle Hopper

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