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Amandari in Bali celebrates 20th anniversary with festivities


March 17, 2009/12.01

Amandari, featured in Lucire

Amandari, based in Ubud in central Bali, has completed a series of refurbishments, including the addition of fibreoptic cabling and new gym equipment. To boot, it is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of special events from April to October 2009. From exhibitions on Balinese textiles, painting, wood carving and photography to traditional dance performances, children’s dance and gamelan instruction and a viewing of distinctive films, guests will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Bali’s artistic and cultural legacy.
   Amandari’s inaugural 20th anniversary festival kicks off April 8 and runs through April 11. On the day of the full moon, April 9, the ceremonies begin at 10 a.m. with a prayer and blessing by the temple, followed by a children’s Balinese dance and gamelan performance in the evening taught by two local teachers who have a rich history of association with Amandari. Other events include a lecture on Bali and its development, a viewing of the film Myths and Magic along with other historical footage, and a traditional dance performance.
   Subsequent festivities take place during a three-day period around the following full moons: May 9, June 7, July 7, August 5, September 4, and October 3.
   According to the Amanresorts group, ‘Exhibitions on diverse subjects such as wooden masks made by a renowned mask-maker, Balinese textiles created by a free-trade organization that is reteaching local communities traditional weaving techniques, and local photography showcase the island’s wealth of artistic output. Meditation sessions, blessings, prayers, viewings of historical films, dance performances and lectures on topics from Balinese Cremations and Organic Food and Produce from the Islands to Balinese Textiles and Balinese Village Life are part of the festival calendar.’
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