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Porsche shows limited-edition 911 Sport Classic


September 2, 2009/13.04

With the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) around the corner, the automakers are sending us a lot of news. It’s greatly needed for the industry, which has experienced a major sales’ slump this year.
   We can always rely on Porsche to give us a bit of glamour, however. The 911 Sport Classic will go to 250 lucky Porsche customers, at a premium price—Porsche has decided that it is wiser going after the upper end of the market than risk devaluing its brand with downmarket models.
   Porsche highlights the double-dome roof of the Sport Classic, the wider rear body and wider track on the rear axle (remember how the 911 always seemed to get wider in the 1970s?), the fixed rear spoiler (another 1970s’ throwback), and the extra 23 bhp, totalling 408 bhp, from the 3·8-litre six. Base price will be €169,300, with sales beginning January.

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