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Blend the World


October 6, 2009/6.09

We’ve had brands that talk about their social conscience as far as the environment is concerned. Danish fashion house Blend A/S has taken its activities further: by creating a campaign that centres on the idea of global unity.
   Its aim is to speak to the globally minded consumer, one which Lucire identified in 2003–4 as becoming mainstream. Blend has taken these ideas to a new height.
   Per Gasseholm, President and CEO of Blend, states, ‘Today’s 18- to 30-year-olds stand at a time unprecedented in history; where a person of colour is elected President, and boundaries blur as nations and cities and villages unite in hope that each individual can (and does) make a difference. It is a unique and singular historical moment in time that has reverberated across oceans, across continents, and across the world.’
   A video produced by Blend shows artists around the world interpreting its Blend the World message. The first video has been shot in some of the world’s hot spots: Kabul, Baghdad and the Gaza Strip. It is meant to showcase artistic diversity and human unity.
   Blend will introduce a line of B-Wear—Blend the World T-shirts, with slogans and sayings designed to give voice to global consumers’ collective, passionate ideals.

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