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Being pregnant still means being sexy, thanks to HotMilk Lingerie


November 9, 2009/21.32

HotMilk Lingerie
HotMilk Lingerie
HotMilk Lingerie

What if you have worn glamorous lingerie all your life, but the minute you become pregnant, your choices begin looking limited?
   We came across Tauranga, New Zealand-based HOTMilk Lingerie on Twitter, and firmly believe this international brand deserves to be even better known.
   Now three years old, the story began when co-owner Lisa Ebbing was pregnant with her first child. What Ebbing discovered was that mainstream brands offered a dull selection, so she created her own range for young mothers. Collaborating with Ange Crosbie, also a young mother, the company has grown from its two founders to 12 full-timers.
   Stocked in over 35 countries, and recently launched Stateside, HOTMilk is a real success story and its viral marketing has seen its web hits increase exponentially of late.
   Above are the visuals from this range, and it’s easy to see why HOTMilk has become an award-winner. The company has its 1–10 collection coming soon, which promises to be even more provocative.

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