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Resurrecting another five articles from last century

Five more articles from 1998 and 1999 have been restored to our server, giving a glimpse of the first decade of the commercial World Wide Web
October 21, 2023/9.43

Patricia Arquette models H&M in 1999
Another five old articles from the 20th century have returned to our server after 20-plus years. As mentioned on Friday, we removed stories in the old days because server space was limited and expensive. When you only have a handful of articles, rather than the thousands we have today, it was quite easy to monitor which ones were getting less traffic.
Elke von Freudenberg’s Cosmetic Collection (1998)
Flying Kiwis: 1998 Smokefree Fashion Awards
Patricia Arquette for H&M (1999)
Zambesi: from the heart (1999)
Law of contrast: autumn 1999 fashion

The pages don’t appear the way they used to, since monitors are bigger, some of the graphics have been deleted and are still offline, and no one in 2023 uses framesets (which we used to love, and our logo used to be divided across two frames). There are also dead links, something we didn’t think much about in the heady days of the 1990s. Surely every website would remain online?!

As it’s our 26th birthday weekend, we hope readers will permit us this brief moment of nostalgia—even if the articles aren’t very good.

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