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First videos: new BMW 5-series saloon revealed

Filed by Lucire staff/November 23, 2009/23.16

For those who lamented the disappearance of the elegant BMW 5-series, or 5er-Reihe in German, lament no more: the new 5 was unveiled today, and we have the first videos of the car.
   It’s a far more attractive vehicle than the outgoing saloon, taking cues from the larger 7-series, and putting them into a sportier, more compact form. BMW claims top-of-the-class dynamics, something which earlier incarnations established for this model line.
   We haven’t driven it yet, but on looks alone, this looks to reestablish the BMW Fünfer as the most elegant executive-class model on the roads.
   Our videos are of the 535i and the 530d, and include footage of the parking assistant feature—improved from the current 3 and 7-series and the X5 and X6 models—and the rear-end-collision warning system, which will automatically slow down the car if it gets too close to the one in front.

BMW 535i

BMW 530d

BMW 530d parking assistant and side-view cameras

BMW 530d rear-end-collision warning system

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