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Pirelli PZero shows its Rubber Racer shoes, I Cut jacket for spring


June 19, 2010/11.35

Pirelli PZero Rubber Racer
Pirelli PZero Rubber Racer
The Pirelli lookPirelli has been extending its brand into fashion since 2002, extending its P-Zero designation into its own label. The aim is to have PZero (without the hyphen) denote high-tech fashion, with modern materials, expanding into a full fashion line.
   For spring–summer 2011, the company has released, inter alia, a sailing shoe, the Pirelli PZero Water, and a jacket, the PZero Air, working with seven designers and three licensees.
   The PZero range for spring 2011 also includes a range of sneakers (above) called the Rubber Racer. The shoes feature a sole apeing the design of Pirelli tyres.
   The I Cut Tube jacket (left) is waterproof and customizable by the wearer to fit his size. Pirelli claims that customers themselves can “self-tailor”, cutting the lengths of its I Cut trousers and the sleeves of the jacket through a layer of rubber film which prevents fraying. They are sold with a pair of scissors.
   Accompanying the products is a photographic book on the PZero project, with contributors Mark Anelli, Alberto Giuliani, and Lawrence Castor.
   The company’s licensors expect other products to emerge under the PZero name, including bags and various limited-edition items.

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