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Redken’s ahead of the pack


June 22, 2010/13.58

Redken Style Collection
Redken gives us that cutting-edge fashion again with its latest range of products. Taking inspiration from the runway and transforming it into “real way” is the key idea behind its latest hair styling foursome, Style Connection.
   Using these newly developed products can accentuate your cut and transform your hair into a catwalk-ready look.
   Four products make up the new range from Redken: Redken Matte Sponge is perfect for getting that roughed-up finish; Redken Woolshake is a favourite of stylists for its ability to add extreme volume and texture; Redken Velvet Gelatine is a “must-have” for blow dries, adding body and bounce while giving a high-shine finish; and Redken Vinyl Twist will give your curls shape, structure and flexibility while still making it light.
   Each product has its own individual scent, with delicious top notes of bergamont, mimosa flower, fresh ginger and citrus. Not only will your hair smell good but look good as well.
   The range is recommended and used by top stylists Richard Kavanagh (who has coiffed many a model on the fashion circuit) and owner of Blaze Salon, Redken artist Mana Dave.—Sopheak Seng

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