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Considering Lincoln Center, New York’s new fashion destination


October 28, 2010/12.29

Mayor Bloomberg at Lincoln Center
Mayor Bloomberg at Lincoln Center
Lola Saab

Above Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses a small group of media on New York Fashion Week’s move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, joined by (from left to right) Katherine Farley, Ted J. Forstman and Diane Von Fürstenberg. The unveiling of the Fashion Line sign at the New York subway stop nearest to Lincoln Center.

New York Fashion Week is a seven-day event that is assisted by many; viewed and remembered by so many more. However, when we think of NYFW, we may think of the famous Bryant Park, a walk from Broadway and from the fashion district. This season, we experienced a change. NYFW found its new home in a new location: Lincoln Center.
   This year, the city decided to celebrate the change by “kicking off” with an eventful debut, with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as host. The intimate welcome was held between the mayor and a small group of press. It took place a day before the first day of fashion week on September 8, 2010.
   Other than Mayor Bloomberg attending this eventful day, the Council of Fashion Designers of America president (as well as world-renowned designer) Diane Von Fürstenberg was also present. Others included the Lincoln Center chair, Katherine Farley, and the chairman and CEO of IMG, Ted J. Forstman. They each had something to smile about: the time when people around the world could call Lincoln Center home when thinking about fashion. They also took the privilege in temporarily calling the metro stop near Lincoln Center ‘the Fashion Line’.
   In his speech, Bloomberg mentioned that ‘Lincoln Center is a great solution.’ He continued, ‘Fashion is art and fashion is performing art; it’s the right place at the right time.’
   Mayor Bloomberg went on in saying, ‘New York City has more fashion houses than any other city.’
   Similarly, Von Fürstenberg explained, ‘Lincoln Center is part of art and culture.’
   In a general perspective, they are glad to take Fashion Week by the hand and allow Lincoln Center to hog the attention away from historical Bryant Park.
   Lincoln Center is officially the new home base for people of the fashion world. The question that we could focus on answering is: was it or was it not the move to make? Metaphorically speaking, one move in a game of chess can either destroy or allow the king to conquer all; on the other hand, the move from one location to another could change the vibe for better or for worse.
   Nineteen ninety-four represented the year where Bryant Park welcomed NYFW with opened arms; 16 years later Lincoln Center does the same. The beautiful arrangements in the main check-in area were wonderfully set with a warm sensation of welcome to the stunning people who entered the doors. Adapting to the technological additions in the area were difficult to get used to: there was a system to scan and go to the next scheduled show. 
   As it was the first time NYFW was held at Lincoln Center, there were a few points that could have been adjusted, but on the whole, the move was worth it. The Lincoln Center tents were set up in a more orderly fashion; and, as many stiletto wearing women might say, the floors they tread on were more comfortable, with their no longer needing to suffer stone-made flooring.
   I hope that certain aspects, including organization, improves in the future at our new home. We are finally happy to call Lincoln Center our own as we await to see how the next seasons in the near future will turn out.—Lola Saab, Paris Editor

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