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Dominate adds putty and hairspray to men’s hair care range


June 8, 2011/12.13

Kiwi men can rejoice: Dominate has produced two more new products to add to its already extensive repertoire of hair care and styling range: Dominate Defi putty and Dominate Extreme Hold hairspray.
   Dominate Defi Putty is a pliable moulding cream ideal for medium to longer hairstyles. It sets hard and gives a medium-shine finish. This unique formula maintains a touchable shape (never “crusty”) and delivers super-cool texture while conditioning the scalp and hair to promote healthy hair growth.
   To finish off any good head of hair use, Dominate Extreme Hold Hairspray. This unisex, super-strong hold hairspray will freeze any hairstyle in place whether you wear your hair structured, spiked, smooth or messy. It complements any Dominate styling product and can be used in all hair types. Dominate Hairspray is especially perfect for winter when the harsh elements can compromise your style.
   The brand has also undergone a makeover with new look to boot, with revised, sleeker packaging.
   So you can sample it yourself, we’re giving readers a chance to win a Dominate prize pack with the new putty and hairspray, Extreme Toffee wax and two-in-one shampoo and conditioner in a Dominate toiletries bag.
   All you have to do is join our Facebook page, and stay joined when we make the draw in a few weeks’ time—existing mailing list members and print subscribers are already entered into the draw.

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