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Linden Leaves celebrates Econic Award and spring releases


August 2, 2011/11.10


Linden Leaves, a New Zealand-based natural skin and body-care brand whose goal is to create beautiful products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul through the use of quality, natural ingredients, was awarded the Econic Award in late 2010 by London-based magazine, Sublime. It is choosing to celebrate its award now, however, to coincide with the arrival of New Zealand Fashion Week, as well as the spring release of its long-awaited new skin care system.
   The aim of the award, to recognize ‘the pioneering brands that have a long-standing tradition of empathy towards the environment, those that have made ground-breaking innovations in the eco-market’ embodies the values that Linden Leaves represents. The award tribute for the company was created by the Sublime team and used the distinctive Linden Leaves packaging and ingredients to create a unique fashion piece, images of which were included in the magazine.
   In-store posters will be present in New Zealand shops over the next eight weeks as Linden Leaves celebrates its international recognition and accolades received for its hard work and dedication to integrity and the environment.—Sabine Ernest

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