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Clearing out those virtual cobwebs


December 2, 2010/10.34

Hopefully, after three hours of tidying up and link-checking, we’ve weeded out the dead links in our magazine links’ section. If you have any good suggestions for new links who are willing to swap with us, please let us know—we ask that they not be content mills or filled with affiliate links, but contribute something useful to Lucire readers.
Montblanc's James Siano and Teddy Robin
   Also in the tidying, we found this lovely picture from the Hong Kong launch of the Montblanc John Lennon Commemoration Edition 1940 in September, featuring James Siano, CEO & President of Montblanc Asia Pacific, and one of the city’s great pop stars, Teddy Robin. Long before there was Jacky Cheung, or even Sam Hui, there was Teddy Robin, one of the enduring symbols of the Hong Kong music scene.
   This one’s a bit more touching as Mr Robin was a former classmate of my late mother, before he went full-time in his musical career.
   I also found an editorial from 2006—the last one not to be put on the content-management system—on the server. Since editorials tend to wind up here in ‘Insider’, I deleted that page personally tonight, and put in a forwarding link in case anyone still had that bookmarked (you never know).
   For those following us on RSS, please pop by to our stories on Lorraine Downes’s Authentic Beauty Tour for Living Nature, which stopped by here in Wellington last week. Also, our London Fashion Week menswear story can now be found, with catwalk imagery by Doug Rimington, as can my Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupé road test (Carrie Bradshaw’s not the only person who’s sampled the Mercedes E).
   Earlier tonight, we attended Alexandra Owen’s launch of her Little Black Dress line—fashion editor Sopheak Seng’s report and some additional photographs will head this way shortly.—Jack Yan, Publisher

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