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Test driven: Grown’s anti-ageing moisturizer


October 7, 2011/2.50

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to ageing. There are many medicines on the block that claim to prevent and reduce signs of ageing, but many of these contain a long list of tongue twisters on their ingredient list. Founded by two brothers, Grown is based on the principle that everything we put on or in our bodies must be nutritious and lack the harmful additives that many skin care products today have. Their latest product, the Grown Contour Sculpting Facial Moisturizer, is no exception. Made with the latest technological advancements in organic cosmeceutical skin care, the white tea and phyto-peptide facial moisturizer lacks a long list of those unpronounceable chemicals and leaves the skin feeling lightweight and refreshed.
   The key active ingredients include a variety of organic substances intended to moisturize, replenish and counteract signs of ageing. Potent polyphenols from white tea contain antioxidants that fight diminishing elasticity and other visible signs of ageing, while phyto-amino acid peptides smooth the appearance of the skin. Asta-xanthin antioxidant, found in cranberries, leaves the complexion looking like radiant and healthy and hyaluronic acid visibly restores the natural moisturizing factors that the skin loses as we age.
   The formula can be used both day and night, and I used it in the morning in lieu of the lotion I normally used under my foundation. It rejuvenated my skin and the moisture remained locked in, but unlike many other lotions I’ve used, this one didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to using Grown products in the future.—Sabine Ernest

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