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Miss Universe New Zealand 2012, day 6: leading up to the final night


June 2, 2012/23.39

Yesterday was busy on the judging panel as we have awarded our first set of swimwear points. As they get added up, the ranking is changing constantly, and, as I hinted at on day 5, the gap between first and tenth is probably the tiniest I’ve seen. Anything can still happen on the final night.
   Happily for the judging panel, May Davis is back on her feet thanks to Dr Wayne Morris’s examination, and any sign of Friday morning’s bug has disappeared.
   Last night’s dinner at Soi Café at Greta Point was tasteful and a good way for the contestants to unwind before the big event on Sunday evening. As expected on the penultimate day, everyone is getting slightly nostalgic about the week.
   I have been asked whether it was nicer with a smaller group this year. It’s not the size of the group that is determinative for me, but whether everyone gets on. I have to say that this has been a friendly group, each representing their region or sponsor well, and it will be a shame to see things come to a close from another year. I’m looking forward to Sunday night at the Amora Hotel Wellington, especially hearing soprano Sophie Morris perform. One half of the hosting duo, Zeisha Frémaux, flew in last night, and I imagine the other half, reporter Matt McLean, will be at the rehearsals now.
   Tom Reidy at social media agency Catalyst90, meanwhile, has uploaded an edit of Thursday’s interviews from Farmers Lambton Quay, which can be viewed below, at the Miss Universe New Zealand Facebook page, or on YouTube. Tonight’s show will be streamed live by Catalyst90 via the Facebook page.—Jack Yan, Publisher

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