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Manfred Baumann photographs Jaimie Alexander from The Last Stand


January 30, 2013/12.32

Manfred Baumann

Celebrity photographer Manfred Baumann’s latest assignment is Jaimie Alexander, who played Sif in Thor (and will do so again in the 2013 sequel) and Jessi in the earlier TV series Kyle XY.
   Alexander’s next film is The Last Stand, in which she stars alongside former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Peter Stormare. The Last Stand premièred earlier this month in the US and is Schwarzenegger’s first starring role since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
   Baumann says, ‘Jaimie is a natural talent and we surely have a lots more fun with her in future Hollywood productions. We obviously enjoyed our time on set!’
   They obviously did, judging from the behind-the-scenes images that Baumann’s office has supplied. There are a lot more than we typically see.
   Baumann is presently working on his new exhibition, Alive, which will be displayed in different countries from May 2013. Another Baumann project in 2013 is an art book featuring photographs of the homeless.

Manfred Baumann

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