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Lucire travel editor Stanley Moss releases Supari, with companion screenplay


August 13, 2013/12.23

Lucire travel editor Stanley Moss was robbed on a train in India in 2008. This week he’s released a novella, a spinoff fantasy of what might have occurred after the theft, available as an on-demand paperback, and ebook. It’s called Supari, and was written after the event, while Moss waited for an exit visa, mired in the monolithic Indian bureaucracy.
   The story is written in the style of a hard-boiled detective thriller. In it, a cool, Indian-born hitman from southern California is dispatched by a robbery victim to return to New Delhi to exact revenge. But in the process he discovers a deeper, more sinister conspiracy, not to mention a love interest, set among the teeming streets and lanes of the ancient capital city.
   You can get your copy at
   The story will also be available as an ebook from Kobo Books and at Amazon.
   The story has also been issued as a screenplay by Sean Rooney under the title Hitman in Delhi, a companion volume to the original short story, available at

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