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The Body Shop’s Honeymania: effective and indulgent


October 24, 2013/12.28

Get luminous, healthy skin this summer with the Body Shop’s luxurious bath and body collection, Honeymania. This new range dives into nature’s own source of moisture, wild honey. Honeymania leaves skin not only enriched and nourished, it also has a divinely fragrant scent as if it has been dipped into honey itself! Being effective as it is indulgent, it is all you need for your perfect beach-ready skin.
   Here at Lucire we were blown away by the scent and couldn’t wait to try the fragrant, rich body butter. Honeymania body butter smooths and softens the skin leaving 24 hours of hydration. My personal favourite skin-softening solution however, is the exfoliating body scrub which leaves skin as soft as silk. To make your newly soft skin glimmer and glow even more is the honey bronze shimmering dry oil. Just by rubbing the oil into your skin it illuminates the skin and makes it glimmer with life.
   Rejoice, bath lovers, as this new range also includes goodies including bubble bath melt, honey-scented soap and shower gel. The Honeymania range also includes a lip balm and honey bronze balm, so lips are not only soft and sweet but glittering and glowing. For those who can’t get enough of the scent, you’re in luck. The Body Shop has also created a Honeymania eau de toilette fragrance. Spritz this around for a burst of the concentrated honey scent.
   Honeymania not only delivers in creating glowing skin and a luxurious scent, it is also good for the community and environment. The collection is made from Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia, resulting in exceptional quality. So what are you waiting for? Get into your nearest Body Shop and get your hands on the Honeymania range.—Anna Deans

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