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The Body Shop’s flavourful Christmas 2013 range now in stores


December 7, 2013/9.45

Spice up your summer festivities with the Body Shop’s new Christmas range. This special-edition collection includes the yummy aromas of ginger, cranberry and vanilla. These decadent delicacies burst with natural ingredients, delightful textures and gourmet scents.
   The range includes three sumptuous flavours, the first being Ginger Sparkle. Here at Lucire HQ, we are overwhelmed by the ginger scent in the gourmet body butter especially. Although strong, it evokes notes of warmth and spice being infused with real ginger. Other Ginger Sparkle products include ginger root shower gel, body polish and shimmer lotion as well as hand lotion and wash. For all lovers of invigorating crystallized ginger, this range will be the perfect addition to your Christmas stocking.
   Cranberry Joy is definitely my favourite of these festive summer scents. It is delectably sweet and fruity, incorporating ingredients both beneficial to the skin and with a Community Fair Trade certificate to boot. Products available in the cranberry scent include once again, body polish, body butter, shimmer lotion and shower gel with the addition of a lip balm for the ultimate soft and sweet lips. Cranberry Joy not only smells delicious enough to eat, it also infuses your skin with this blissful scent.
   This Body Shop Christmas range can’t be complete without the sickly-sweet Vanilla Bliss products. Those who die for vanilla-bean baking will love the heart-shaped, luxurious Vanilla Bliss soap. The classic vanilla body butter is also available in this range as well as a variety of hand-softening solutions. The Vanilla Bliss scents subtlety fills the air and brings sweet deliciousness to everything it touches.
   I will be getting my hand on some of these gloriously festive and yummy Body Shop treats. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas with the Body Shop’s special-edition collection. This Christmas range retails from as low as NZ$10, so you can create an ideal gift for anyone in your life. Available from your local Body Shop branch.—Anna Deans

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