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Living Nature’s Skin Steps: all you need in a natural, single package to look after your skin


September 13, 2014/2.18

We have to take our hats off to Living Nature for constantly innovating—and staying true to what it stands for, as the world’s purest and most natural skin care brand. (Remember, it’s not what they put in, it’s what they leave out, that makes Living Nature the brand that’s certified natural by BDIH and the safest skin care range by the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.)
   We’ve had a chance over the last few weeks to try out its newest release, the Skin Steps pack featuring five Living Nature products: the nourishing day cream, vitalizing cleaner (both with active manuka honey) and extra-hydrating toning gel (with harakeke), each in 50 ml bottles, plus a sampling of the nourishing night cream (again with manuka honey) and firming flax serum (with harakeke). It’s one of three packs that Living Nature offers depending on your skin condition—we had the normal skin one, but the company also offers one for oily skin and another for dry and mature skin.
   The pack is a particularly handy size, and each of the 50 ml bottles makes the beauty régime all the simpler. There’s no colouring, no artificial fragrances—if there’s a scent associated with natural goodness, you’ll find it here. The cleanser actually leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother thanks to a moisturizing effect and its mild kumerahou, while the nourishing cream has a pleasant, gentle scent that we noticed had a positive effect on the skin throughout the day. The toning gel, with harakeke flax gel and Totarol feels lighter than the creams, and helps restore your skin’s natural pH balance while repairing dehydration, ideal for the warmer months ahead, and very gentle on the face.
   Living Nature has made looking after your skin such a simple process, and it’s well worth the NZ$69 retail price. For more information, head to or freephone, in New Zealand, 0508 548-464. It’s available at selected salons, pharmacies and health stores nationally.

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