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Being a VIP at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York this season


September 12, 2014/7.42

What were the happenings around Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, beyond the catwalk shows? Off-site events and suites—including one from Gavin Keilly of GBK, which we usually see out west—kept New York Fashion Week vibrant and enjoyable.

Ugg Sanctuary
Upon ascending the stairs to the Ugg Sanctuary, overlooking crowds waiting in endless queues to watch a show, you enter a new world. The small space is cozy with a home-like feel. White leather couches, comfortably cushioned chairs draped with tasteful, soft blankets adorned with matching pillows—everything came together. A large flat screen television featured the live fashion shows. The international brand is recognized for comfort at every step, with fun and stylish shoes as well as boots, adding chic to each ensemble. Ugg is widening its sphere, presenting attractive home décor with a snug atmosphere and neutral shades.

GBK and Pilot Pen’s Celebrity Gifting Suite
As the tents at Lincoln Center glistened with a slew of runway shows as well as a few private lounges, the spotlight also shone on the Empire Hotel where GBK and Pilot Pen’s Celebrity Gifting Suite took place. While the hotel’s lobby was calm and peaceful with a number of fashion week attendees, a flight of stairs led to a more spirited space filled with a number of brands in the beauty, fashion and accessory domains. The charity of choice, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, serves to develop treatments to improve the quality of life of patients diagnosed with various cancers including lymphoma and leukemia.

Kris Connor/Getty Images

Top Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano at the GBK lounge. Above Emma Myles and Gavin Keilly.

   As we continue to explore the lounge, with floral creations from Floral Heights, uplifting music by DJ Max Power kept the mood upbeat. Pilot Pen introduced new designs that came in various colours to suit the writer’s preference. Michael Todd True Organics presented the Soniclear Brush, the world’s first antimicrobial sonic skin cleaning brush, which is easy to transport and gentle to the touch, permitting the outer skin to glisten.
   Hard Candy cosmetics’ intense shades come with a dose of fun and appeal, intended for a girl of any age that appreciates the use of colour. Skinny & Co. presented their 100 per cent raw skinny coconut oil, which can be used in teas, coffees and smoothies—helping you glow inside. Brow Art 23 is a top-notch boutique focused on brow shaping and skin care services, while EMK Beverly Hills, whose clientèle includes A-list personalities, dermatologists and high-end plastic surgeons, uses a fascinating plant placenta formula for its anti-ageing skin care products that rejuvenate the skin.

Kris Connor/Getty Images

Above Katherine McNamara at the GBK lounge at New York Fashion Week.

Other events
The Home Shopping Network (HSN) was back with their lounge. The one-day event incorporated a wide range of clothing, skin care and jewellery pieces all under one roof. Invitees took the time to look around, touch, feel and experience the pieces on display.
   For the second year, the Fashion Kitchen event proved how food and fashion complement each other. Trina Turk, inspired by California’s vibrancy, is known for her vivacious style, with boutiques located nationally, hosted, alongside celebrity restaurateur and award-winning chef Séamus Mullen, who showed off his simple, elegant cuisine. Along with Turk and Mullen, Corning Ware presented the event. A select few could view arranged dining tables on display at Hauser Patron Salon at Alice Tully Hall, a short walk away from the tents.
   Other fashion week escapades included the Vogue Lounge, conveniently tucked away across the street from the tents, at French restaurant Boulud Café. Urban Decay cosmetics featured their natural make-up; Toms displayed an array of styles for their shoe collection and reminded attendees of their Toms coffee roast. Brahmin, focusing on leather goods, showed off a number of jewellery and bag pieces. In a separate room, attendees could work or simply read Vogue to catch up on the new season.
   One of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sponsors, Pandora (left), put on an exclusive event on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel. Pink roses adorned the walls, reminding us of their flawless creations. While loud, catchy music vibrated within the venue, the afternoon stretched into the evening as invitees mingled, viewing the gorgeous pieces on display. Tous, too, hosted an event in a pink wonderland on the 12th floor of a tucked-away building in New York, showing its summer 2014 collection. The company, with its recognizable bear trade mark, began as a watch repair workshop in 1920 before transforming into the jewellery business decades later. Currently Tous is an international brand with more than 400 boutiques spotted in 45 different countries.

Above Tous showed off its jewellery at an exclusive location in New York.

   The Panasonic Beauty Bar took place only blocks away from the tents, at the SCK Salon, for two days. The atmosphere did not focus much on sophistication or luxury—it had a more amusing feel in the midst of it all. Various stations were dedicated to hair, manicures by Jamberry Nails, or make-up by Giella custom blend cosmetics, the by-appointment-only opportunities fulfilling delegates’ beauty needs.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

Above Scenes from the Panasonic Beauty Bar. Below Louise Roe at the Samsung Galaxy Backstage Lounge.

Donald Bowers/WireImage

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