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Turn up the music: GBK’s pre-Grammy lounge impresses at Philippe by Philippe Chow

GBK’s pre-Grammy suite saw some well known celebs from music, television and film checking out stylish and fun products, including an eyeliner helping cancer research, writes Lola Cristall
February 10, 2018/22.29

Celebrities at GBK’s pre-Grammy suites: Chris Blue, India Arie and Tatiana Elizabeth Price.

GBK Productions presented a luxuriously set celebrity gifting suite with at the prominent Philippe by Philippe Chow restaurant in New York. The lounge, in honour of the 60th Grammy Awards, took place in an intimate setting bringing media, celebrities and a number of brands together in a beautiful ambiance.
   Blue Nun 24K Edition sparkling wine added glimmer and glam with a deliciously sweet and tasty bubbly, produced by F. W. Langguth Erben, a family-owned winery in Germany. As a dab of glamour, real 24 ct gold flakes float for a decadent twist. Fortune & Frame presented their range of creative lockets intended for tucking away fortunes and personal messages within delicately ornate designs. For an innovative jewellery creation, Wear Your Music introduced their used guitar-string bracelets that add an artistic musical flair.
   The Tree Trunk Company exudes style throughout their exclusively ‘hand-made in Canada’ products. As third-generation craftsmen, their technique and workmanship are emphasized in each creation, from beautiful crafted trays to profoundly designed trunks. For a fun, gift-giving concept, presented mini-human-shaped ‘Air People’ that are made in a three-step procedure: take a picture, choose an outfit, followed by a wait of a few weeks before a “mini-me” arrives. Lumisque introduced their CO2Lift, a spectacular non-surgical beauty procedure that clinically rejuvenates the face, skin, neck, eyes and hands for an uplifting sensation that’s made to last.
   Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is a non-profit organization who were on site talking about Le Métier de Beauté’s limited-edition liquid eyeliner designed in an exclusive Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation packaging. A portion of the proceeds will go to the organization. Two Gypsea Souls presented their vintage flannels with band-inspired artwork that spices up any wardrobe and adds a bold fashion statement to an ensemble. JC Stylles Opulears comprises a spectacular range of beautifully designed headphones crafted from wood-based material, ranging from cherrywood to walnut, while giving clear sound for the best quality in music. Other brands onsite included Remember Me Green (bags made from recycled New York billboards) and Bouvery CV (gluten-free vodka with natural flavours).—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

Above, from top: Skeery Jones, Rachel Bay Jones, Adventure Club, Safaree, Selenis Leyva, Sullivan Stapleton, Ty Hunter, Bobby Valentino, and Ella Mai.

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