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The Body Shop celebrates Christmas ’15 doing more good: giving water through WaterAid to families that need it


December 12, 2015/23.50

Top The Body Shop’s Glazed Apple range. Above The Glazed Apple tin, with four treats within.

There’s a pleasant apple smell at Lucire, checking out the Body Shop’s Glazed Apple range, but it’s what the socially responsible brand is doing for Christmas that’s the real news.
   The Body Shop is partnering with WaterAid, which provides safe water to communities that need it desperately. For every specially selected gift purchased, the Body Shop will donate one day of safe water for a family in Ethiopia, and any proceeds exceeding its goal will be donated to another community that needs it.
   For over 650 million people on our planet, access to safe water is not a reality, and 1,400 die each day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
   Special gifts include the Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set (NZ$95), the White Musk gift set (NZ$105), the Modern Gent’s Arber Fragrance kit (NZ$110), the Modern Gent’s shaving kit (NZ$85), the Shea Premium Selection (NZ$110), the Moringa Ultimate Luxuries pack (NZ$155), the box of Strawberry Festive Picks (NZ$69), and the stocking fillers that are the Cranberry festive cracker (NZ$19), the Soft Hands, Warm Kisses gift set (NZ$29), and the Fruity Body Butter Sweetheart (NZ$48).
   The Glazed Apple Tin (NZ$69) we’ve trialled, meanwhile, is one of three that the Body Shop has launched for the festive season. Featuring green apples sourced from the Italian Alps, the Glazed Apple selection has a subtle green apple fragrance—the strongest one we’ve noticed is the 60 ml shower gel’s, while the rest has a hint of apple with more sweetened candy scents and a trace of vanilla—that will leave wearers feeling fresh without having an overpowering smell. We’ve tried the 50 ml body butter, 60 ml shimmer lotion and 50 ml sugar scrub, which are all sweet, but you won’t walk out of the house smelling like a candy shop. Subtle is good.
   Alongside Glazed Apple are Frosted Cranberry (‘from the forests of North America’, says the Body Shop) and Frosted Plum (‘from the orchards of Turkey’), which are available at the Body Shop in the UK and in New Zealand. The Body Shop is doing a 20 per cent off special on the 200 ml size body butter (NZ$36·95), whether it’s Glazed Apple, Frosted Cranberry or Frosted Plum online at the New Zealand website, where a very comprehensive selection of the seasonal specials are available.

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